Dalmarnock Weaving Company

Dalmarnock Weaving Company, 377, Dalmamock Road, Bridgeton.—

    The concern known as “The Dalmarnock Weaving Company” was established in the present premises in the year 1874. Mr. R. Blake is the sole principal, trading under this style.

    The factory is of large extent, covering fully half an acre of ground, and having a hundred and twenty looms, driven by steam power ; and the number of hands employed exceeds one hundred. The Company weave all descriptions of dress goods, zephyrs, plain and fancy shirtings and skirtings, and executes orders for the large wholesale houses in Glasgow and the district.

    The concern enjoys a first-class repute, not only for the superiority of their manufactures, but for the honourable and straightforward lines upon which the business is conducted. Their business is largely on the increase. One of the many improvements made by this firm was the successful introduction into Glasgow of the weaving of tufts or pile on zephyr and other cloths by steam power, which had previously been done in a limited trade by the hand process. The firm has just put down 120 new looms of the best make, which gives them altogether 240 high-class check and skirting looms. They are also re-modelling their works.

    Mr. R. Blake is widely known in Glasgow, not only as a manufacturer but as a citizen, and in both capacities he is universally respected.

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