Dickson & McIntyre

Dickson & McIntyre, Drapers, 809, Paisley Road.

    The extensive business carried on by Messrs. Dickson and McIntyre is one that has gradually attained its present dimensions under the energetic management and enterprise of the proprietors. It was founded in 1861 at the present address, and was then comparatively a small concern, conducted in a double shop of not more than ordinary size and capacity. In 1871 the business had increased to such an extent that the firm had the double made into one large establishment, a change that was then considered to be a somewhat marvellous improvement. But in 1872 further extensions were necessary, and the business was so rapidly increasing that the premises were enlarged by the addition of a large flat, previously used as a private house, above the main portion of the building. This is connected with the ground floor by means of a stairway, and both flats are about fifty feet square. The upper portion is divided into three departments, two of which are used as workrooms, while the other is a showroom for millinery, fancy draperies, &c. The lower floor constitutes the chief showrooms and saloon of the establishment, where the general drapery and hosiery trade is done. The whole of the premises are admirably fitted in every detail, and having a large stock that, being arranged with due regard to effect, gives the premises a very elegant and attractive appearance.

    The various departments cover a wide scope of operations, and include all branches appertaining to the business of drapers. Dress goods, tweeds, serges, fancy dress materials, prints, mantles, ulsters, underclothing, hosiery, gloves, ties, collars, millinery, flannels and blankets, linens, &c., are all kept in great variety of form. The firm have achieved success by the business-like manner in which they have dealt with the public, supplying first-class goods in every department of their trade, and entirely avoiding the common and inferior grades of the business. They have thus gained an unsurpassed reputation among a highly influential connection that is mostly confined to the immediate locality.

    In 1867 Mr. Dickson died, and the business has since been conducted in the sole proprietorship of Mr. McIntyre, though under the original title. It is very ably conducted and deservedly ranks among the most renowned and leading houses of its class in the trade.

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