M. J. Donohoe

M. J. Donohoe, Fruit Broker and Commission Merchant, 56 and 58, South Albion Street, and Bazaar.—

    In the fruit brokering business Mr. Donohoe is an old and much-valued personage, especially in and around the Bazaar. In 1863, by the sudden death of his father, he found himself in possession of an old-established wholesale fruit and vegetable business in the Bazaar ; but in 1880, in order to keep pace with the times, he changed it into a fruit brokerage and commission business, with daily auction sales. He was the second in the fruit trade to subscribe to the Glasgow Telephone Exchange, and by means thereof to be able to communicate with the continental steamers arriving at Leith and Grangemouth with fruit.

    His trade with Holland is very large, and he has succeeded in establishing a trade in fine fruits from there, even table strawberries arriving in fine condition via Harwich, the time taken from Rotterdam to Glasgow being twenty-six and a half hours. He also makes a speciality of selling Dutch bulbs by auction, of which he has almost a monopoly, the number of bulbs sold last season being over a million. During the re-construction of the Bazaar his auction sales were conducted in warehouse 56 and 58, South Albion Street, but are now again held in the Bazaar.

    Mr. Donohoe’s long-standing experience and reputation in this business have won for him a high respect, and his word is of much weight and value in the trade generally.

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