Joseph Doran

Joseph Doran, Wholesale & Export Stationer, Campbell Arcade, 34, Candleriggs, and 74, Trongate.ó

    This first-class concern was established by Mr. Joseph Doran in 1857. At that period the trade was, comparatively speaking, an insignificant one, but, thanks to Mr. Doranís energy, business tact, indomitable perseverance, and upright and honourable mode of dealing, the business has attained very large dimensions, and the name of the house is known all over the United Kingdom. He is a wholesale and export stationer, and also manufactures paper bags for the use of grocers, drapers, &c. ; and he likewise deals largely in twines.

    His premises are of considerable magnitude, and comprise five flats. The first and second flats above the ground-floor are used for bag-making. On the third flat are warehoused the manufactured bags, of which the stock is immense. The fourth flat is used entirely for storing paper of different descriptions, of which heavy stocks are uniformly kept. On the ground-floor is a large department for stationery goods, also departments for manufacturing account-books, lithograph work, letterpress work, and stamping in all its branches. On this floor, too, are the packing and dispatching department, likewise the brown-paper store. The counting house, saleroom, &c., are on the ground-floor, but detached from the main building. There is an extensive cellarage under the main building packed to its utmost capacity with paper and twines. The number of hands employed on the premises amount to between sixty and seventy, of whom some forty are females.

    The trade is, for the most part, a home one, although a considerable export trade is carried on. Mr. Doran has no less than twelve travellers on the road scattered all over the three kingdoms. Such an establishment as this needs no eulogy from us, but with regard to Mr. Doran himself it may be said that this concern is a lasting monument to his extraordinary diligence, industry, and business enterprise, and entitles him to a foremost position amongst the self-made men of Glasgow.

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