James Downie & Co.

Messrs. James Downie & Co., Manufacturers, 12 and 14, Montrose Street.ó

    The extensive business carried on by Messrs. James Downie & Co. presents many features of more than ordinary interest, and in reviewing historically the various industries and manufactures of this district it is most interesting to meet with an establishment of such old standing and extensive connections, and to accord to it that special prominence in these reviews which its influential position in the trade so justly demands. The business dates back in its foundation to the year 1863, when it was established by Mr. James Downie, and its history is most intimately associated with the progress and development of the manufacturing industry and commerce of Glasgow, from that period until the present time. The premises consist of a large building of three floors, containing winding and warping machines ; also extensive warehouse accommodation, packing and salerooms.

    Messrs. Downie & Co. manufacture cotton woven goods in immense quantities, all their goods, being given out to commission weavers. In white muslins, checks, stripes, book linens, gauzes, spiders, mulb, harness, figured lace, &c. ; handkerchiefs in all the above varieties also embroidered ; white muslin and coloured scarfs. All kinds of dhoolies and scarfs for the Indian market, both figured and plain, white and coloured ; ginghams, gingham handkerchiefs, cambayas, sarongs, and all goods of this class for the Philippine Islands and Singapore ; prints and cotton garments and handkerchiefs ; ponchos and mantas for South America, in cotton, cotton and wool, and all wool ; Nagasakiís, swivels, and all kinds of silk handkerchiefs and other goods for Rangoon. For the home trade Messrs. Downie & Co. manufacture large quantities of beautifully designed lace curtains and silk embroidered curtains in most artistic patterns ; also zephyrs, silk handkerchiefs, &c., &c. All these goods are manufactured, as before intimated, in enormous quantities, the firm having a splendid connection with the leading wholesale houses in all parts of the United Kingdom, and being well represented in the foreign markets, particularly the East Indies, the Philippine Islands, and South America.

    Mr. James Downie, the proprietor, is a gentleman occupying an influential position in mercantile circles, and is well known and highly esteemed for his active exertions in promoting the best interests of the industries and commerce of this city. He was also for many years a member of the Master Court of the Incorporation of Weavers.

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