Drysdale & Co.

Drysdale & Co., Manufacturers of the “Bon-Accord” Centrifugal Pumps and other Machinery, 183, Fordneuk Street, London Road.—

    This well-known house dates its history from 1874, in which year it was founded at its present address by Mr. John W. W. Drysdale and Mr. L. J. Pirie, the first of whom retains his position as sole principal and proprietor. The works in Fordneuk Street, London Road, are well known as the “Bon-Accord” Works, and cover an area of fully fifteen hundred square yards.

    The manufactures of the firm comprise principally such classes of apparatus as pumps, presses, engines for electric lighting, bakers’ and leather-dressers’ machinery, &c., &c., and specialities of high industrial efficacy and commercial value have been developed in centrifugal pumps and pumping engines, high-speed engines for electric lighting, ventilating, and blowing fans and engines, hydraulic presses and pumps, hydraulic cranes and riveting machinery, hydraulic accumulators, hydraulic lifts, hydraulic pumping engines, horse-gear pumps, deep-well pumps, lift and force pumps, three-throw tar pumps, rotary pumps, filter presses, bakers’ and leather-dressers’ apparatus and appliances of all descriptions.

    In each of these connections Messrs. Drysdale’s manufactures enjoy very high favour in the industrial and engineering world. The improved “Bon-Accord” centrifugal pumps of the house are in particular noteworthy. Messrs. Drysdale’s various machines have been awarded medals at Glasgow ; at Rome ; at the North-East Coast Exhibition, Tynemouth, 1882 ; and at the International Exhibition, Edinburgh, 1886. The firm have completed a great number of important contracts for machinery in various parts of the world. They provided a large amount of the pumping plant used in the course of the construction of the Tay and Forth Bridges. They have executed extensive contracts for the Admiralty and for the Governments of Spain and China. The whole business is conducted in a thoroughly capable manner.

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