Charles Duff

Charles Duff, Hairdresser and Perfumer, 851, Paisley Road.—

    The vocation of the hairdresser and perfumer is fully represented by the house of Mr. Charles Duff, which was founded by him at the present address in 1873. The establishment is well appointed, and has commodious ladies’ and gentlemen’s rooms. An extensive stock of hairdressers’ general goods are kept on hand, including all kinds of ladies’ head-dresses, wigs, braids, tails, ringlets, &e., all of which are guaranteed of the best material. The latest designs in brushes and combs, hair-washes and pomades, are to be had here.

    In the executive department of the business every branch of the hairdresser’s art — hair-cutting, shampooing, singeing, shaving, &c. — are carried out by experienced tradesmen. The business is well organised, and conducted with tact, push, and energy, a good local and general trade being done. The proprietor is a gentleman of the highest status in the profession and highly esteemed by his numerous patrons. He is Honorary Life President of the Glasgow Master Hairdressers’ Association and Honorary President of the Scotch Hairdressers Academy.

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