Duncan & Taylor

Duncan & Taylor, Manufacturers of Shirts, Serge, Duck, and Gambroon Jackets, Drawers, &c,, 92, Trongate.—

    Amongst the many important branches of industry successfully developed in this country during the last half-century, a place of prominence is held by the manufacture of shirts, a business which has, in the past thirty years especially, attained to proportions of great magnitude. The close attention devoted to the production of suitable materials, combined with great improvements in shapes and especial care in sewing and finishing, has done much to remove any prejudice existing formerly against ready-made garments of all kinds ; and articles of apparel are now made to such relative perfection for every rank of the community that it is quite reasonable to assume that it is as easy to-day to obtain a good-fitting shirt ready for use as it is to procure hosiery or gloves in a similar way. Glasgow has long been among the foremost of British cities in the wholesale shirt manufacturing industry, and some of our very largest firms in this line have their centre of operations in Scotland’s commercial metropolis.

    Amongst the manufacturers who have given special attention to this department of trade, the above firm occupy an honourable position, and have well and intelligently taken advantage of the notable facilities and favourable circumstances which have enabled Glasgow manufacturers to maintain a status of supremacy in both the home and foreign markets, and they are excellent representatives to-day of the vigorous manner in which the shirt-making industry of Glasgow has been advanced and promoted all along the line. This firm has been established thirteen years, during which time it has conducted a very successful business in the manufacture of shirts, serge, duck, gambroon jackets, drawers, &c.

    Five years ago Mr. James Duncan, who was sole principal of the concern, was joined by Mr. George Taylor, who had had a long and varied experience of the trade, and whose intimate acquaintance with all the requirements of the home and foreign markets and an extensive connection among buyers has contributed much to the success of the firm. They have devoted special consideration to the production of goods for the British and export markets, and have confined their attention hitherto almost exclusively to the wholesale houses and shipping trade. Their success has been pronounced and unequivocal. At some seasons of the year they have considerable difficulty in securing a sufficient staff of skilled and experienced hands to enable them to meet the ever-increasing demand for their manufactures. Personal supervision and prompt attention to all orders may be confidently set down as the basis of this excellent condition of affairs.

    They occupy very extensive, commodious, and centrally situated premises, comprising counting-house, warehouse, and factory, in one of the finest business blocks of buildings in Glasgow ; and the site possesses no inconsiderable historical interest from the fact of its having been the birthplace of Sir John Moore, the Hero of Corunna. The firm’s premises are admirably arranged, well-equipped with valuable mechanical and general facilities, and fully suited to the purposes of the important industry engaged in.

    A very extensive stock is held in all the specialties of the house, which are noted both at home and abroad for excellence of substance, design, make, and finish. The endless variety of materials, patterns, shapes, and sizes produced to meet the demands of the various markets are most interesting and instructive, and can only be acquired by the expenditure of much time and money.

    A very great volume of trade is controlled, the connections of the firm extending over the principal business centres in Scotland, England, and Ireland, as well as to the most important export markets of the world. Both partners give personal attention to their respective departments — manufacturing and mercantile — and between these two energetic and enterprising gentlemen a policy of administration has been developed which places the prosperity of the house upon a solid and enduring foundation.

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