Daniel Duncan, Jr.

Daniel Duncan, Jr., Draper, 1 and 8, Great Western Road, St. George’s Cross.—

    One of the best-known and most popular business establishments in the above thoroughfare, is that in the proprietorship of Mr. Daniel Duncan, whose business occupies a prominent position in the drapery trade. It dates its origin from about 1877, when it was founded by the present proprietor at the premises in which it is now located. These are of considerable extent and occupy a very commanding position. The establishment has a first-class frontage both in the last-named thoroughfare and in the Great Western Road, and is one of the most attractive-looking in the district. Throughout the whole of the premises they are fitted in the most superior manner and are admirably arranged. At the present time the proprietor is extending them in order to meet the requirements of a largely increased trade.

    The business is that of a general draper, and includes a great variety of branches in which the firm are more particularly noted. Among these may be mentioned that of millinery, to which special attention has been directed. The stock in this department includes a first-class display of very superior goods. The proprietor has exhibited great enterprise in introducing all the latest novelties, of which he keeps a varied stock. Hosiery and gloves are well represented in the firm’s stock. In all departments of the business the proprietor has devoted the strictest attention to the supply of goods of the most superior quality in both manufacture and material. His establishment has therefore become widely renowned among a very large and influential connection.

    The business is continually increasing both in extent and the importance of its connections, and among other houses similarly engaged that of Mr. Duncan takes a decidedly leading and deservedly prominent position. The business has been very ably conducted throughout, and much of the exceptional success that has been achieved is due to the energy and ability that have been displayed by the proprietor.

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