Duncanís Temperance Hotel

Duncanís Temperance Hotel, 59, Union Street.ó

    Prominent among the first-class hotels that abound on almost every thoroughfare of the city is that known as Duncanís Temperance Hotel, which was established over thirty years ago, and since 1883 has been conducted by Mr. John Duncan, the present proprietor.

    The hotel is centrally situated and easy of access from all parts, the upper floors containing over thirty bedrooms ; while on the ground-floor are coffee, commercial, private sitting, and smoking rooms. The basement is occupied with the culinary and other domestic offices. The internal arrangements are quite in harmony with the external appearance, scrupulous cleanliness being everywhere apparent. This hotel is in fact what it purports to be, a veritable Ďhome from homeí.

    The cuisine is all that can be desired, the viands being prepared under the superintendence of an experienced chef, who, together with a thoroughly qualified staff of waiters and domestics, uses every effort to ensure the comfort of the numerous patrons of this excellent hotel in all respects.

    The proprietorís assiduous care to give entire satisfaction to his patrons has elicited their unqualified esteem and regard.

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