Hugh Dunlop & Sons

Hugh Dunlop & Sons, Ladies’ & Gentlemen’s Outfitters, Milliners, Shirt Makers, &c., 158, 160,162, Trongate.—

    There is always a deep and special interest attaching to old institutions, whether they be of a national, municipal, or mercantile character ; and amongst the latter class in this city the old-established and well-known firm, Messrs. Hugh Dunlop & Sons, has for many years occupied a most prominent position. This business was founded in the year 1838 by the present senior partner, Mr. Hugh Dunlop, and it has gradually increased, the departments have been augmented and new features developed, which have culminated in one of the largest and most thoroughly representative establishments of its kind in this city- About ten years ago Mr. James and Mr. George Dunlop, the sons of the founder, entered the partnership, and the firm assumed the present title. To meet the necessity for increased accommodation, the business premises were entirely remodelled about seven years since at great expense.

    The interior of the establishment is admirably arranged, the furniture and fittings are at once elegant and substantial. The decorations are in good taste and in excellent keeping with the high tone of the establishment. On the basement is the entering-room and a suite of well-appointed offices and counting-house. This department is admirably lighted from the street by new and improved glass gratings, the light being reflected from white enamelled bricks and well diffused throughout the whole flat. In the spacious and handsomely appointed shop on the ground floor are displayed fancy goods, gloves, scarfs, hosiery, and colours, gentlemen’s shirts in all the favourite materials, including the well-known “Imperial” for which Messrs. Dunlop have gained such a wide celebrity. The “Imperial” is one of the best shaped shirts produced, and is the perfection of fit. General drapery goods are also in great supply, embracing all the best features of the various lines engaged in, and replete with items of interest and novelty.

    Ascending a beautifully ornamented staircase, the millinery and ladies' and children’s outfitting departments are reached. This is a saloon of handsome proportions, which, in respect to size, elegance, and decorations and general appointments, will bear favourable comparison with any of the large establishments of London or Paris. It would be impossible within the limits of the present article to describe in detail the large and valuable stock of beautiful articles which meets the eye at every turn. In brief, we may mention ladies’ and children’s costumes, napery, dressing gowns, ladies’ bonnets, hats, head-dresses, wreaths, caps, ribbons, laces, flowers, feathers, aigrettes, gloves, &c.

    Messrs. Dunlop & Sons have a very high reputation for marriage outfits, which they supply complete from £5 to £50 and upwards. The dressmaking and mantle workrooms are on the top flat of the building. This extensive accommodation, with every improved appliance, affords unusual facilities for furnishing the most complete outfits with promptness, economy of materials, and at the lowest cost. Every department is under the control of a competent manager having a special knowledge of the goods and work in charge, and supplemented in each case by a large staff of experienced assistants, a marked and impressive feature being the polite yet unobtrusive attention of all the employees ; and this characteristic trait of good training at once sets the visitor at ease and renders an inspection of this large and valuable stock a source of pure pleasure and enjoyment, and that commendable spirit of enterprise and energy which has always animated the members of the firm is eminently conspicuous in the management of every department.

    The firm’s exhibits at the Glasgow International Exhibition have been favourably noticed in the Evening News and the Glasgow Herald. This is now the jubilee year of the firm, and Mr. Dunlop, the senior partner, is still hale and hearty, and attending to business every day. This gentleman, it is interesting to note, occupies a very influential position in social, mercantile, and political circles. He is a Vice-President of the Liberal Association, and a clear and able exponent of his political principles.

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