Thomas Dunlop & Sons

Thomas Dunlop & Sons, Grain and Flour Merchants, Shipowners and Brokers, Com Exchange Buildings, 5, Waterloo Street.—

    In connection with the important departments of commercial and marine enterprise, with which its name is now so prominently associated, the house of Messrs. Thomas Dunlop & Sons holds an eminent and distinguished position among the representative business concerns of Glasgow. This well-known firm was founded upwards of thirty-seven years ago by Mr. Thomas Dunlop, in Madeira Court, Argyle Street, and after a stay of about seventeen years in that location removed to its present eligible premises, where spacious and conveniently situated ground-floor offices are occupied.

    Some years ago Mr. Dunlop admitted his two sons, Thomas and Robert Jack Dunlop, as partners, and since that event the concern has traded under the style of Thomas Dunlop & Sons. The business engaged in, as indicated above, is that of foreign grain and flour merchants, shipowners and brokers. There are few Glaswegian firms who have developed a system of undertakings in the branches of business activity referred to of greater magnitude or wider influence than that now controlled by Messrs. Dunlop, and there is no house whose conduct of such a system has manifested a stronger devotion to principles of strict honour and unfailing integrity.

    Messrs. Dunlop & Sons are owners of the two valuable fleets of merchant vessels comprised in the “Clan Line” of sailing ships, and the “Queen Line” of steamers. These rank among the most successful vessels in the British merchant marine ; they sail for trading purposes to every quarter of the globe, conveying freight and cargoes of all descriptions, and their crews aggregate a force of three hundred men. Messrs. Dunlop & Sons control a great volume of trade in the entirety of their operations, the business connections maintained extending throughout the world, and an earnest of their representative stains in matters mercantile and maritime is afforded in the circumstance that they hold the important post of agents to Lloyd's for the port of Glasgow.

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