A. Duthie

A. Duthie, The Photographic Warehouse, 6, Renfield Street.—

    An establishment of high repute, and one in whose line there are but few in the west of Scotland, is the Photographic Warehouse, conducted by Mrs. Duthie at the above address. This house was founded in 1866, by the late Mr. Andrew Duthie, in whose name the business is still carried on with marked ability and success. The premises occupied are among the most imposing of the emporia in the well-known thoroughfare of Renfield Street.

    The show-rooms (which contain a fine selection of views of yachts and Norwegian scenery) and front shop being of spacious dimensions, and handsomely fixtured for the display of stock for the inspection of patrons, the street frontage being rendered exceedingly attractive and interesting in the varied assortment of high-class works of art exhibited in the capacious shop window. The stock held is composed entirely of photographs of Scottish and Continental scenery, paintings, statuary, &c., scrap-books, carte-de-visite and cabinet albums and frames, picture-frames of all sizes, terra cotta placques and vases, artists’ material for oil, water colour, and china painting, glasses and mediums for crystoleum, together with every requisite for the new art of lustra painting, in which accomplishment instruction is given with unparalleled success in every instance.

    The leading speciality of the house consists of Scottish views of every description, and also of life-like photographs of the principal celebrities of the day. The trade is very extensive, the goods supplied being exclusively of the best quality. Large consignments are despatched abroad, while the circle of home custom is almost entirely confined to the upper classes of society generally. The proprietress is highly respected by her numerous patrons.

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