David Edgar

David Edgar, Tailor, Hosier, &c., 31, Bridge Street.ó

    The establishment in Bridge Street presided over by Mr. David Edgar is the principal and most successful of its kind on the South Side. Its history is somewhat short, inasmuch as the business has only been in existence about eight years. The premises occupied comprise a handsomely fitted double-fronted shop and showrooms in the busiest part of the thoroughfare. The establishment is well arranged and presents a more than usually elegant and attractive appearance. There are large and well-fitted workshops wherein an efficient staff is engaged.

    In the cloth department, one of the most important, a large trade is done, and the proprietor keeps a very extensive stock. The stock includes a choice assortment of Scotch and English tweeds, &c., of the very best quality. A large amount of business is done in the hosiery department, where the stock is very extensive and varied. In this branch of the business may be discovered the particular speciality for which the firm have gained special renown, viz. sanitary underclothing made of pure animal wool free from any dye, and highly recommended by the medical profession. The shirt and scarf department is likewise very important, and this includes a great number of different varieties in shirts, collars, cuffs, fronts, scarfs, ties, &c., all of which are of the best qualities. Gloves, braces, umbrellas, &c., are all included in the stock, which, it will therefore be observed, covers a considerably wide range. All goods are of the highest class, and in those branches of the trade, such as tailoring, where the work is done on the premises, it is carried out by skilled hands under the proprietorís able supervision.

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