Edmiston & Mitchells

Edmiston & Mitchells, Timber Brokers and Commission Merchants, 33, Renfield Street.—

    Messrs. Edmiston & Mitchells are the oldest timber brokers in Glasgow. The firm dates from the year 1845, when it was established in Buchanan Street by Robert Edmiston and Alexander Mitchell. Mr. Edmiston died in 1875, and Mr. Alexander Mitchell, the surviving partner, was then joined by his brother, Mr. James L. Mitchell, and these two gentlemen are now the sole proprietors.

    The business is one of considerable magnitude, the firm trading as brokers, merchants, and shipowners. They deal in every class of timber of foreign growth, and are large consignees of wood goods from Canada, the United States, Burmah, &c. The commercial reputation of this house is of the highest order, and their connections are world-wide.

    The principals are gentlemen of superior social and mercantile status. Mr. Alexander Mitchell is a member of Lloyd’s Committee and a J. P. for the county of Lanark, and Mr. James L. Mitchell is a member of the Clyde Navigation Trust, of the Clyde Lighthouse Trust, and the Pilot Board, a director of the Chamber of Commerce, and an active member of the executive council of the International Exhibition of 1888.

    The “Annual Timber Circular” published by this firm is looked upon by the trade as an authoritative and reliable document with respect to stocks, prices, and prospects. The firm occupy spacious and convenient offices in Renfield Street, and employ a numerous and efficient staff.

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