Elder & Cameron

Elder & Cameron, Carpet and House Furnishing Warehousemen, 17, Union Street.—

    The firm of Elder & Cameron has been established over eighteen months, and the co-partnership consists of Messrs. William Elder and George Cameron. These gentlemen were formerly in the service of Messrs. Stewart & McDonald, of Buchanan Street, the former as manager (for fifteen years) of the retail and house-furnishing department, and the latter (for twenty years) in the wholesale carpet and upholstery department. The firm of Elder & Cameron are the only one in Glasgow who have separated the carpet, bedding, upholstery, and napery, &c., branches of “house furnishing’’ from the furniture branch, and the experiment has proved a decided success. They are able to concentrate their whole attention and experience on this separate business, which they so thoroughly understand, and their clients, consequently, can depend upon being well and economically supplied.

    Their establishment, 17, Union Street, comprises a large and commodious double shop, with spacious saloon beyond, and it is handsomely appointed and well stocked with choice goods. The stock embraces home and foreign-made goods ; Axminster, Wilton, Brussels, tapestry, and Scotch carpets, art carpet squares, Axminster carpet squares, and Wilton carpet squares, hearthrugs in Persian, Axminster, and skin, &c.; floorcloths, linoleums, window curtains in tapestry, chenille, lace, Madras muslin, &c. ; cretonnes, brass and iron bedsteads, bedding of all kinds; English and Scotch blankets, toilet quilts, down quilts, bed and table napery, window poles in brass and wood, window blinds of all kinds, stair-rods, chain curtain bands, table covers, crumbcloths, door mats, mattings, furniture tapestries, mantel borders and upholstery trimmings. Also an immense stock of Indian decorative art fabrics. In this comprehensive stock visitors will see many novelties worthy of attention.

    Where, however, everything is of such general excellence it seems impossible to pick out articles for special mention, and, therefore, we shall content ourselves with remarking that the carpets are, for quality and variety, unsurpassed ; and with regard to the thousand-and-one other articles kept in the establishment, even from the heavier napery and blanketings to the airy “nothings” which go to embellish a well-appointed mansion, all are of the most choice and superior character, and of first-rate value. Only goods of guaranteed quality are sold in the establishment, and altogether the business is conducted upon the most honourable and upright lines. The firm keep a large and trained staff, and all orders are executed with exactness, promptitude, and despatch.

    We will only add that Messrs. Elder and Cameron are gentlemen who are most popular with their clients, and whilst they have already established an influential and widespread connection, their trade is increasing in a most satisfactory manner, and their prospects are highly encouraging.

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