James Elder

James Elder, Warehouseman, 19, West Howard Street.

    This business was originally established in 1863. Throughout its entire career it has been located mostly in the same premises, namely, 19, Howard Street, where the proprietor occupies a spacious and commodiously arranged warehouse, with offices, stock-rooms, &c., the whole being well fitted, and eminently adapted to the trade requirements. There are few instances in which a business includes so many departments, although as a general rule the various items of the stock are more or less incidental to drapers and merchant tailors.

    A very important feature of the business is that in materials used for linings, such as black and coloured Italians, Silesias, printed sateens and twills, linens, buckrams, &c. In these a very large trade is done. Another branch includes goods coming under the head of furnishings, such as jeans and pocketings, silk and linen threads, striped satins, French and patent coat canvases, &c. One of the most varied departments is that of buttons, in which a very large stock is kept. These include all such descriptions as those made in black and coloured flexibles, mohair, buffalo horn, pearl, &c., in addition to various fancy descriptions in ivory, silk, jet, and metal. In all these various branches of business the firm command a very large and important trade, supplying many of the leading wholesale and retail houses in all parts of the kingdom and Canada. An efficient staff of travellers is engaged, and the business, which is very ably conducted, ranks among the foremost in the trade.

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