A. & J. Faill

A. & J. Faill, Contractors, Causewayers, and Quarry-masters, 88, Great Clyde Street.

    This extensive business has for many years occupied a most influential position amongst the industrial establishments of Glasgow. Founded in the year 1858 in the East End, and for many years carried on in Dennistoun, the firm subsequently removed to the present premises, 88, Great Clyde Street, in 1883.

    Messrs. A. & J. Faill are largely engaged in every branch of the trade of contractors for paving, causewaying the public streets, and also in sewerage work. They have most successfully carried out the laying down of the principal tramway lines in this city, and have for many years had the contract from the Corporation for causewaying, and paving the public streets.

    As quarry-masters, Messrs. Faill are the owners of the well-known Westfield Whinstone Quarries at Croy, and lessees of the Craigpark Whinstone Quarries, Glasgow, as well as of the celebrated Furnace and Crarae Granite Quarries at Loch Fyne, and the Bonaw and Craigpoint Granite Quarries at Loch Etive, and the advantage of possessing these immense resources of splendid whinstone and granite enable them to undertake contracts, of any magnitude for paving and macadamising material. A very large number of workmen find constant employment on the various contracts and at the quarries.

    Messrs. A. & J. Faill have for many years been most intimately associated with the prosperity of the city of Glasgow, and are well known for their high integrity and enterprise.

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