George C. Fairservice

George C. Fairservice, Bookbinder, Account Book Manufacturer, &c., 31., Argyle Street.—

    The useful and mechanical art of the bookbinder and account book manufacturer is well exemplified in the old-established house conducted by Mr. George C. Fairservice, which was founded by him at the present address in 1869. The workshop is particularly well appointed, and contains an excellent working plant. Every description of bookbinding, in all the newest styles, are executed in a superior manner ; engraving, lithographic, and letterpress printing are also turned out in the best workmanship and design.

    Among the specialities of the house appears the manufacture of account books, and in this particular the proprietor has achieved a great success and won a high reputation. Another speciality consists of cabinet-makers' work, in beautifully-illuminated leathers for covering desk-heads, consulting-room tables, &c. Fairservice’s account books are celebrated all over Scotland for their surpassing merits, and all the other goods produced are equally on a par with these in point of superiority. The usual staff employed consists of twelve hands.

    A very large trade is done in the bookbinding department with the banks of the city and private families, though the bulk of the patronage is received through the trade. The proprietor is a practical craftsman in every branch of the business, and highly respected by his numerous customers.

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