Ferguson, Allan & Co.

Ferguson, Allan & Co., Wholesale Cabinet-makers, Upholsterers, and Bedding Manufacturers, Wellington House, 104, Cowcaddens Street.ó

    In speaking briefly of the important trade and industry of cabinet-making, upholstering, and bedding manufacture as a notable feature of the commercial and productive activity of Glasgow, it is a distinct pleasure to be able to adduce as an illustration the extensive operations of a firm so well and favourably known in those connections as that of Messrs. Ferguson, Allan & Co. This representative house was founded in 1881 at 198 and 204, Buchanan Street, by Messrs. Ferguson, Allan, and Gilchrist, the original partners in the firm, and in 1886 the business was transferred to its present commodious headquarters.

    The fine warehouse constitutes a model place of exhibition for all the different classes of goods produced in the workings of an industry of the nature above mentioned, and comprises two spacious and admirably appointed flats, with a workshop entrance from 13, Maitland Street. The ground floor has an area of about three thousand two hundred square feet, and the upper floor is of the same dimensions from wall to wall, though, being approached from below by a double grand staircase of handsome proportions, it is partly open, and partakes somewhat of the nature of a gallery.

    Messrs. Ferguson, Allan & Co. have developed a very important business in the supplying of all manner of furnishings and small wares to the upholstery trade, and have supplemented this with undertakings of very considerable magnitude in cabinet goods and bedding, in all of which lines they make a most attractive and varied display. One of the most noteworthy of their specialities is Mr. Fergusonís improved combination childís chair, the improvements in which are protected by Royal Letters Patent, No. 16,753. This chair is produced in a variety of woods, all exquisitely finished, and is remarkable for durability, simplicity, and freedom of action. The combination arrangements are very ingenious, and unquestionably useful, and the entire article is an acquisition to every nursery or household. It is capable of being used in seven distinct positions, adaptable to all the varying moods and requirements of its infantile occupant.

    This house has from the very outset of its career enjoyed an established reputation for doing all things well and thoroughly, and has identified its name with goods that have never been other than of the first order of merit and excellence. A large and most valuably connected trade is controlled, and under the capable administration of Mr. Ferguson the good name and position of the house are sure of adequate preservation and maintenance.

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