Malcolm Ferguson & Co.

Malcolm Ferguson & Co., Merchants and Commission Agents, 54, St. Enoch Square.

    This firm has been established in its present premises for thirty years, and the sole partner is now Mr. J. M. Home. The house confines its attention more particularly to matters connected with the liquor trades, and has always a large stock of choice wines and spirits in bond, both in casks and in cases. Favourite brands of port, sherry, Marsala, champagne, claret, with other French and German wines ; brandy, Jamaica rum, and Geneva, with the finest blended whiskies, represent the spirits. There is also black beer in kegs.

    Messrs. Ferguson & Co. are represented by numerous travellers throughout the country, and they in their turn act as the Glasgow agents for Messrs. George Younger & Son, brewers, of Alloa, and Messrs. D. McCullum & Co., distillers, of Campbeltown.

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