Ferrier & Strain

Ferrier & Strain, Coal Masters, 16, St. Enoch’s Square.—

    It will be readily conceded that amongst the many great and important industries which contribute so materially to the commercial prosperity of this city and district, there are few, if any, which exceed either in interest or value the enormous business of our collieries — and prominent among the leading firms extensively engaged in this industry is the old-established house of Messrs. Ferrier & Strain, coal masters. The business of this well-known firm dates back in its foundation over twenty-five years. About eight years ago Mr. Ferrier died, and Mr. Hugh Strain then became the sole proprietor.

    The collieries are situated at Hallhill, Bartiebeith, and at Rigg and Braidenhill, in the Monkland district. These rank with the best pits in Scotland, the coal being of excellent quality for steam, gas, and household purposes. The firm have large depots at Canal Street, Monkland Canal, and College Station (Hunter Street), from which a very large business is done. Over three hundred workpeople are employed at the collieries, besides an efficient executive staff at the depots. Messrs. Ferrier &r Strain have a first-class and old-established connection with the leading steamship companies, manufacturers, and coal merchants in Glasgow and district, and are extensive shippers of coal from the Clyde and Forth. The mercantile department of the business is conducted in a suite of well-appointed offices and counting-house, by an efficient staff of clerks, correspondents, and assistants.

    Mr. Hugh Strain, the proprietor, is a gentleman occupying an influential position in social and mercantile circles, and is well-known for his active exertions in promoting the trade and commerce of this city, and also for his earnest endeavours to advance the best interests of the industrial community in the colliery districts.

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