Alexander & Robert Findlay

Messrs. Alexander & Robert Findlay, Pianoforte Warehouse, 110, West Nile Street.—

    This business is one of the oldest in the neighbourhood, and is one which has witnessed and kept pace with the most important variations in the instruments which its especial province is to supply. It was founded some forty years ago by the late Mr. Alexander Findlay. The founder of the firm was self-taught, possessed of real genius in his particular vocation, and widely known as one of the most practical men in the trade.

    In the long ago Mr. Findlay devoted himself to the manufacture of “seraphiums”. These seraphiums he constructed throughout, and as the changes took place in the fashion of the day so he accommodated his work and his trade to them, culminating in an extensive manufacture of pianos. Since his death the firm have ceased to manufacture, although they continue to concern themselves with all that relates to the internal mechanism of the instrument. Alexander and Robert Findlay, sons of the founder, are now the proprietors of the business, which has always borne the same title and has been carried on in the present premises for upwards of twenty years. The trade is mainly local in character, and comes from what maybe styled a good family connection.

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