H. D. Fitzpatrick

H. D. Fitzpatrick, Patent Agent, 17, Hope Street.

    The business necessary to be transacted in connection with applications for patent rights is far more important than many would suppose. The difficulty and expense of obtaining patents have been considerably lessened by parliamentary acts during late years, but even now there is a considerable amount of somewhat intricate business to be gone through in order to properly protect inventions. In the transaction of this business it is almost indispensable that the services of a good agent should be secured, as otherwise the patent may after all be useless.

    One of the principal houses in this branch of business is that presided over by Mr. H. D. Fitzpatrick. This has not long been established, but has already met with great favour from the able manner in which the various transactions have been carried out. The advice of a good agent is invaluable. Many an inventor has taken out a patent for an invention only, to afterwards discover that one already exists so much like his own that he has simply wasted the money that he spent on it. Mr. Fitzpatrick occupies a very well-fitted and commodiously arranged suite of offices, and employs an efficient staff. His work consists solely of the business of a patent agent, and in this direction he is extensively engaged. Patents are obtained, trade marks registered, designs executed, &c., all at very moderate charges, and price-lists can be obtained on application. An influential connection has been gained, and the firm is already widely known.

    Mr. Fitzpatrick does a large business in connection with foreign patents, such as the United States, France, Belgium, Germany. In every department the business is ably managed, and ranks among the most prominent of its kind in this city.

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