Daniel Forbes

Daniel Forbes, Wholesale and Export Stationer, lithographer, Engraver, and Commercial Printer, 17, Douglas Street.—

    This firm in the wholesale manufacturing stationery trade occupies a prominent position. It was established by its present proprietor, Mr. Daniel Forbes, in 1861, originally in Gordon Street, subsequently in Buchanan Street, and since 1875 has occupied the present premises and 210 to 212, Holm Street. These comprise a large warehouse of four floors, well laid out with their respective stocks of stationery goods.

    Everything native to this business is kept, and in addition to the ordinary wholesale and export functions of the firm a large manufacturing trade is done in plain and ornamental printing, lithographing, and engraving, in which show-cards, fancy labels, cheques, plans, specifications, pattern-books, &c. figure very prominently. There is also some fine work turned out in mercantile stationery, account-books, envelopes, memorandum forms, cards, labels, &c. ; and in drapers’, grocers’, and bakers’ papers and paper bags an extensive business is done.

    Mr. Forbes is a very enterprising member of this trade ; he is the inventor of a new combination band for binding account-books, which render them practically unbreakable, so that they cannot get loose from the boards by constant handling. The firm employs about forty workers and one traveller for Scotland, and does a good local and country trade. It also exports manufactured stationery and account-books to all parts of the world. Mr. Forbes has a fine grasp of the business, and has exercised it to excellent advantage; his ingenuity and experience are accepted features of this trade, in which he has an old and pronounced reputation.

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