J. & T. Forgie

J. & T. Forgie, Desk and Dressing Case Makers, 143, Buchanan Street.—

    The business successfully founded by Thomas Forgie in the year 1854, bears witness to the doctrine of the survival of the fittest. Thirty-four years ago Messrs. J. and T. Forgie, the sole proprietors, launched their successful venture in Buchanan Street, and continued it at one address for twenty-two years. Twelve years ago the firm decided to remove their trade to premises better adapted to modem requirements and their rapidly growing trade, and finding what they required at the above address, they removed there.

    By energy and industry they have succeeded in making a business of which any firm might be justly proud. Messrs. Forgie’s shop has a handsome exterior, and has double windows with workrooms beneath. The goods as displayed in the windows show to much advantage, and evidence the taste of the proprietors in their arrangements.

    Their specialities are dressing-bags and writing-cases, of kinds and values varying as widely as the tastes and requirements of their widely distributed clientele. Dressing-bags fitted with the most costly fittings in gold, gilt, or solid silver, and cut glass, to suit the most luxurious taste, and the deepest purse. On the other hand, less showy but perhaps as useful, articles to suit the workman, tourist, or commercial man. In writing-desks there is an endless, bewildering choice, from the simplest to the most perfectly furnished and appointed.

    Messrs. Forgie, however, do not confine themselves to the dressing-bag and case trade, but are general importers of foreign fancy goods of all kinds. Athletic requirements are also a leading line with them. Tennis bats, balls, nets, &c.; cricketing bats, stumps, pads, gloves, &c., are here in variety and of all makes.

    It may be interesting to note that the premises at present occupied by Messrs. Forgie were formerly known as the original “Western Club”, and the dining-hall of the club is what is now used as the shop by Messrs. Forgie. Birmingham, London, and Sheffield goods are not neglected, but are in evidence on the shelves and counters. Messrs. J. & T. Forgie’s name and trade is not confined to Glasgow, but is widely known throughout the West of Scotland, and the firm’s business reputation is highly appreciated wherever known. Their goods are sound, well finished, and marketable, and the firm deserve well the rewards their business capacity has won.

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