John Forrester

John Forrester, Wine Merchant, Baker, Cook and Confectioner, 7 and 9, Gordon Street.—

    There is always a considerable amount of interest attached to old institutions, whether they be of a national or municipal character, and this remark forcibly applies to the time-honoured establishment of Mr. John Forrester. For the greater part of a century this well-known house and name have been most intimately associated with the commercial side of the life of the citizens of Glasgow, for it is as a restaurateur of the very first order that this gentleman has gained a name of far more than local celebrity. Mr. John Forrester, as is well known, succeeded to the business so long carried on by his father, and concurrently with the rise and expansion of the city has gradually developed many new features and added new departments to the old establishment ; but the premises so well known to “Old Glasgow” still “stand where they did”, and the unceasing flow of visitors, anxious to appease their appetites on the good things provided within, is a liberal testimony and evidence of the appreciation by the public of the praiseworthy efforts of the proprietor in ministering so ably to their creature comforts.

    In speaking of the premises it may be noted that the ground floor contains the large and well-provided shop, with a spacious and beautifully furnished luncheon room and saloon beyond. On the first floor above is the ladies’ room ; on the second floor are private dining-rooms and a spacious suite of well-appointed offices ; and on the third-floor is kept all the vast stock of silver and plate used at banquets, luncheons, &c.

    Amongst the many specialities manufactured by this house may be mentioned the celebrated Scotch shortbread, currant buns and cakes, fancy cakes, wedding cakes, the renowned Scotch haggis, brawn, and game pies. Vast quantities of these are packed and sent off daily to all parts of the world. Mr. Forrester has almost a monopoly of the catering for luncheons and trial trips on the Clyde, as well as for municipal and private banquets, dinners, soirees, &c. The connections of this house are firmly based upon the eminent reputation it has so long enjoyed, and this celebrated restaurant will doubtless long remain one of the delights and comforts of the good citizens of Glasgow.

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