John Foster

John Foster, Dispensing and Family Chemist, 225, Sauchiehall Street.ó

    The old-established and well-known business of Mr. John Foster has become so thoroughly identified with the above neighbourhood that it is now looked upon locally as an indispensible institution. This business was originally established in the year I860, by Mr. Peter Guthrie, who most successively carried it on up to the year 1875, when he was succeeded by the present proprietor.

    The premises comprise a large and attractive shop beautifully decorated and fitted, communicating with a spacious laboratory replete with every modem appliance. Among the leading specialities are Fosterís Pectoral Elixir, a safe and reliable remedy for coughs, colds, asthma, bronchitis, and influenza. Fosterís Carbolic Mouth Wash, a sure preventative from gumboil, toothache, and caries. The Anti-catarrh Smelling Bottles have a great reputation, and are strongly recommended for their efficacy. Fosterís Liquid Extract of Malt with Pepsine is highly recommended by many eminent physicians, as well as the Effervescing Aperient Saline and Antiseptic Dentifrices prepared by this firm. The stock is very large and comprehensive, embracing all the best drugs, patent medicines, proprietary articles, perfumes, and toilet requisites.

    The business in every department receives the strict personal supervision of the proprietor, who is assisted by a large staff of duly qualified assistants. The establishment is in direct telephonic communication with all parts of the city, and orders received by wire have immediate attention. Mr. Foster most deservedly enjoys the confidence of the whole medical profession in Glasgow, his business being conducted with such great ability, energy, and enterprise.

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