Andrew Fraser

Andrew Fraser, Glasgow Safe Works, 56, Blackfaulds Place, Bridgeton.—

    The Glasgow Safe Works have been established for exactly half a century. Originally the Messrs. W. Bush & Co. were the proprietors, but Mr. Andrew Fraser, their late foreman, came into possession of them in 1884.

    The premises consist of an engine shop containing two drilling machines and a machine for dovetailing and tenoning the plates for the safes, and a smiths’ shop, measuring 70 feet by 35 feet. About six men are employed. There is some ordinary smith and engineering work done, but the principal feature of the business is that of safe-making, repairing, opening, and, fitting them, with keys, and in the making of iron doors, plain and fireproof.

    Mr. Fraser is at thoroughly reliable safe-maker ; he has had long practical experience, and his ingenuity and talents have been exercised to good purpose. He has a good connection attached to the business, which is steadily increasing under his active control and large experience. He commands wide respect in the trade, and enjoys the esteem of all who know him.

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