Henry Frater

Henry Frater, junr., Carver and Gilder, 235, St. George’s Road.—

    The mediaeval art of the carver and gilder is aptly illustrated by the well-known establishment of Mr. Henry Frater, junr., which was founded by him in 1884. The shop and saloon are well appointed, and there is a spacious workshop in the rear. The interior decorations are unique, and the working plant held is well found and in thorough order.

    There is a large stock of oil-paintings, watercolours, etchings, coloured photographs from Berlin collections, &c., the whole of which are framed in different styles, such as gold, German gilt, black and gold, oak and gold, &c. Conspicuous among the grand display appears a large plate-glass mirror framed in the French style in pure gold. Several of the frames are of the proprietors own design, beautiful in the extreme, and finished in the best possible style. Artists’ materials, colours, and photo frames are also found in stock, of guaranteed quality in all respects. The house does a large business in picture framing, and also in re-gilding, cleaning, and restoring frames and oil-paintings, a speciality for which the house has a pre-eminent reputation. The trade is principally local, and of a high-class character, and the proprietor is possessed of great practical experience in all branches of the business.

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