Miss R. French

Miss R. French, Ladies' and Children’s Underclothing and Baby Linen Establishment, 181a, Sauchiehall Street.—

    Miss R. French is the proprietress of one of the most fashionable and well-known ladies’ and children’s underclothing and baby linen establishments outside London. Her emporium, too, is one of the most elegant in Glasgow.

    The premises consist of a double shop, with saloon and fitting-room at rear. The shop is handsomely finished and fitted up. The ceilings and walls are painted a pale blue, with cream and chocolate borders in place of cornice.

    The stock in the shop consists of ladies’ and children’s underclothing and baby linen, fancy goods, handkerchiefs, &c., all of the best quality and latest styles. In show-cases are some beautiful specimens of ladies’ dressing-gowns in plush, French flannels, cashmere, &c., made to order on the premises. The saloon is principally devoted to stays, baby linen, basinettes and baskets, underclothing, children’s pelisses, coats, costumes, hoods, hats, bonnets, &c. The speciality of the house is baby linen, and the extra specialities marriage and foreign outfits. Orders come even from China, Japan, Africa, India, and other parts. The establishment also does a large first-class dressmaking business. This department is entirely under Miss French’s personal management, so that fit and finish can always be relied on. The foreign and marriage outfits, together with the baby linen departments, are under the careful personal superintendence of M. and E. French, who are thoroughly qualified to superintend these special features of the business.

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