Alexander Frew

Alexander Frew, Carriage Builder, 283, St. Georgeís Road.ó

    There are few firmís more renowned in the Glasgow district than that of which Mr. Alexander Frew is now the sole proprietor. In its particular sphere of operations it is one of the largest and most important in the kingdom, and has attained a pre-eminent position that justly entitles it to special mention. The business was originally founded in 1868, by Messrs. Alexander and Andrew Frew, of whom the former became sole proprietor in 1882. For the sake of convenience, it may be advisable to take the two branches of the business separately into consideration, Mr. Frew being both a carriage builder and carriage hirer.

    In the former department he has gained widespread renown for excellence of construction, durability of material, and sound workmanship. His works are at 433, New City Road, and cover an area of over eleven hundred square yards. The building is three storeys in height and includes various workshops, all of which are fitted in the most complete style, and are well adapted to the execution of the best class of work. In addition to the various departments incidental to the actual building of the coaches there is also a commodious paint-room, all the work in this direction being done on the premises. A large number of hands are engaged. Careful supervision is exercised over every branch of work, and by this means the proprietor is enabled to guarantee the excellence of every detail of the work executed in his noted establishment.

    Although doing a large trade in this direction, it is probably in the hiring department that the firm is most widely known. Mr. Frew own upwards of one hundred horses. He has nearly the same number of cabs, broughams, and other vehicles, that are used in this class of business generally. The stables are situated at 58, Cromwell Street, and comprise two very extensive flats, each of which contains stalls for over fifty horses. The two flats communicate by means of an outside slope or stair, by which the horses are enabled to ascend to the upper part of the building. At one end of the yard there is a small stable that is set apart for invalid horses, should there be any, and where such a large number is kept this is frequently the case. Mr. Frew has an arrangement with the Caledonian Railway Company, whereby he has the sole right to ply for hire in the Buchanan Street and Central Stations, and in order to facilitate the transaction of the business and add to the convenience of his patrons, he has established two branch offices at these stations, and by means of telephonic arrangements is in direct communication with all parts of the city, as well as with his chief offices, works, and stables. From fifty to sixty drivers are employed, the number varying according to the requirements of the season. The success that has been achieved, is the result of thoroughly business-like ability and energy, and speaks highly for the able management of the well-known proprietor.

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