Andrew Gardner

Andrew Gardner, Painter and Decorator, 86, Clyde Street, Calton.ó

    Prominent among the artistic industries that not only beautify our dwellings, but serve the important purpose of making commercial announcements, and render business depots attractive by external embellishments, is the vocation of the painter. The subject of our sketch is the well-known decorating establishment of Andrew Gardnerís. This business was originally founded at 96, Canning Street, and 2, Silvergrove Street, in 1880, and removed to the present address, 86, Clyde Street, in 1886.

    The premises are of a first-class description, suitably arranged with showroom at front and saloon behind, which are very tastefully done up, typical of the various branches of the trade. The journeymen employed are all picked hands, Mr. Gardner carefully superintending all work entrusted to his care. The speciality for which the house stands towering far above all others is that of sign and facia painting, Mr. Gardner winning golden opinions from his brethren in trade fifteen years ago, by which he was encouraged to start as sign and glass writer and decorator to the trade, a position he held for many years, gleaning valuable information by the way, which terminated in his starting this popular business in all its branches. The public are therefore to blame if they do not take advantage of Mr. Gardnerís rich, varied, and general experience. His address, which particularly note, is 86, Clyde Street, Calton, Glasgow.

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