William Gentles & Co.

William Gentles & Co., Wholesale and Export Warehouses, English, and Foreign Paperhangings, &c., 338, Sauchiehall Street.—

    The extensive business carried on by Messrs. William Gentles & Co. presents many features of interest, and in the extent and magnitude of its operations affords a striking instance of the results of well directed energy and enterprise. The business was established in 1867, at 10, Jamaica Street, but owing to its rapid development, and the necessity for increased accommodation, the present extensive and commodious premises were acquired about eighteen years ago. These possess considerable historic interest as being part of the ancient Mansion House. They are admirably arranged, having every facility for carrying on the business in a most advantageous manner.

    The workshops present a busy and animated scene of industrial activity, upwards of one hundred workpeople being engaged in making plush photograph and picture frames in every variety, cornice and decorative room mouldings, Oxford frames in gold and oak, backboards, mounts, stencil-cutting, &c., &c. In the warehouse is a very large and comprehensive stock of English and foreign paper hangings, and patent fibrous ceiling centre flowers, veritable works of art of the highest order. There is also a very large stock of real gold alhambra and oak frames, white mouldings, Lincrusta Walton decorations, finest washable imitation gold and wood, gold frame and room mouldings, mirrors, oil paintings and water-colour drawings, chromos and artistic publications, picture frames in all styles, British and foreign glass, English and foreign colours, brushes, and every requisite for the trade.

    The firm are also sole agents for James Williamson & Son’s “Lion” varnishes, in which they do a very large and rapidly increasing business. Messrs. Gentles & Co. have a first-class connection with the leading houses in the trade, extending to all parts of the United Kingdom, and also export large quantities to the colonies. Messrs. William Gentles & Co. occupy a very high position in mercantile circles, and conduct one of the largest and most influential businesses in this branch of trade in Scotland.

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