The George Hotel

The George Hotel (Mr. D. McLachlan, Proprietor), George Square.—

    A good many years ago Sir Robert Peel described Trafalgar Square as the “finest site in Europe”, and though there are many Londoners who will in a spirit of metropolitan pride heartily subscribe to this affirmation, it is but just to assume that the great politician from whom the remark emanated had for the moment forgotten that there was a George Square in Glasgow. This latter noble and extensive open space, always attractive with its shrubs and statuary, yields nothing of precedence to any place of its kind in the United Kingdom. Its splendid position—in the very heart of the great community of which it is so notable an ornament — has made it a favoured site for a number of the most select and representative hotels in the city, and among these there is none more worthy of mention than the “George”.

    For many years this celebrated house, formerly, styled the “Queen’s”, has occupied its commanding post on the north side of the square, and has held at the same time a position of the highest eminence in the esteem of a large clientele drawn from the best ranks of the travelling public. And now under its present management the “George” — more, perhaps, than at any past period of its career — maintains in an always enhancing degree its old-time reputation and traditions and its status as one of the hotel institutions of Glasgow. The building devoted to the purposes of this notable establishment is a fine four-floored structure of  handsome architectural design and very extensive proportions, with a long and stately facade that presents a commanding appearance from the square. The situation of the house is all that can be desired in point of attractiveness and convenience, and one of its most notable advantages is its proximity to the terminus of the North British Railway and the East Coast Route via York from London, there being a side entrance from the hotel to the station platform. The house has three bedroom floors, the bedrooms numbering one hundred and fifty; and the accommodation afforded is of the most perfect and superior order, every rule and detail recognised as governing the arrangement and conduct of a strictly first-class modern hotel being here observed with the utmost exactitude. Comfort and elegance are special features at the “George”, and neither trouble nor expense is spared to ensure them. The appointments and equipment of the hotel throughout constitute a study in taste and refinement ; and the magnificent dining and drawing rooms, the quiet and comfortable reading and writing-room, the spacious billiard-room (all these overlooking the square), and the handsomely furnished smoking-room, are in each instance an admirable example of the taste and liberality which characterise the management of the entire establishment. A perfect cuisine, an unexceptionable cellar, the most efficient attendance, and a scale of prices as moderate as possible are all noticeable features, and under the auspices of Mr. McLachlan’s capable and painstaking administration result in a perfect hotel, perfectly equipped and perfectly conducted.

    The reputation the “George” has acquired is amply evidenced in the distinguished patronage it enjoys. As a select and essentially first-class family hotel it has no superior in Glasgow. It is largely used by her Majesty’s judges when on circuit ; its general clientele and transient patronage is always of a distinctly superior character ; and among the many illustrious guests who have made it their headquarters when in the city are mentionable the names of the Comte de Paris and his wife, his Imperial Majesty the Emperor of Brazil, and Mr. Vanderbilt, sen., and sons.

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