William McD. George

William McD. George, Wright and Builder, 88 and 90, Portman Street, Kinning Park.

    This business, the prosperity of which since its establishment by the present proprietor in 1874, has been marked in a manner which shows the amount of energy and ability brought to bear upon it by Mr. W. McD. George. Originally in Scotland Street, he removed in 1885 to the premises now occupied in Portman Street, which consist of a large yard and a two-storeyed building. The yard is stocked with various kinds of wood and building material, the lower portion of the building being occupied as store and office, the upper flat being used as a workshop.

    Mr. George generally employs from ten to thirty workmen, and does a considerable trade locally in general wright and building work, to which he gives close personal supervision, thus securing and retaining the patronage and confidence of a good and substantial constituency.

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