James Gibson & Co.

James Gibson & Co., Gun and Fishing Tackle Makers, 49, Jamaica Street.

    This business, which was originally established as a gun and fishing tackle makers, dates back to 1874, when it was founded by Messrs. James Gibson & Son. Mr. Gibson, previous to starting on his own account, was foreman with the well-known firm of J. D. Dougall for upwards of twenty-five years. It has been known under its present title about six years.

    The premises occupied comprise office, showrooms, workshops, &c., where an efficient staff is engaged, the hands having been carefully selected from among the most skilled and experienced in the trade. The work in which the firm are engaged includes all branches of industry incidental to the work of guns and fishing tackle, of which there is a large and well-assorted stock.

    This firm do a very extensive business in bird and animal stuffing, also in the preserving of all kinds of skins. In addition to keeping a large stock of the best class goods, the firm likewise manufacture largely all descriptions of guns to order. These are constructed on the most approved principles, and are unsurpassed for quality of workmanship. At Messrs. Gibson & Co.s, establishment all the work is executed under very careful supervision, and the firm are therefore able to guarantee every article emanating from their establishment to be of the most superior order. The firm devote considerable attention to the subject of repairs, also to the careful loading of their cartridges, which they execute with promptitude and despatch. The connection of the firm extends to all parts of Glasgow, the surrounding districts, and the country generally. The business is very ably conducted, and has a first-class reputation.

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