Gilchrist Brothers

Gilchrist Brothers, Importers of Flour, 19, Waterloo Street.

    A considerable amount of the grain and flour imported front abroad to this country comes from America and Canada, and a very large trade has been developed in this direction of late years. Among the leading firms in this branch of commerce a very prominent position is occupied by Messrs. Gilchrist Bros., whose business has been established about seven years. When first started it was carried on by Messrs. Saunby & Gilchrist at premises situated in Hope Street. In 1884 this partnership was dissolved, and Mr. Gilchrist admitted his brother as partner, and in 1886 Robt. A. Gilchrist. The business had then been removed to the present address, where the firm occupy offices, sample-rooms, &c., and employ an efficient staff.

    The business is solely connected with the importation of flour from America and Canada, and the firm have spacious warehouses at Central Mills, Fairhurst Street, Liverpool, where they possess considerable storage capacity. Messrs. Gilchrist have gained a very great reputation for the superior qualities of flour they import, and their supplies are obtained from the finest wheat-growing districts in America and Canada. A very large connection has thus been gained throughout the whole of Scotland and Ireland, and in parts of England. Few firms have achieved such a great success in the short period of time that the business has been in existence. The firm are now widely known both in America and Canada, and in the United Kingdom, and occupy a foremost position not only in the trade but in the mercantile world generally.

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