The Glasgow Asphalte, Felt, and Waterproof Cloth Company

The Glasgow Asphalte, Felt, and Waterproof Cloth Company (James Greenshields & Co.), 42, Bath Street Glasgow.

    This is a very old-established concern, having been founded over half a century ago. The business was formerly conducted in Virginia Street, but, in 1875, the firm removed to the present premises, 42, Bath Street. The works are situated in Pulteney Street, where they have been located since the concern was first established. No change has taken place in the title of the firm from its commencement. We may state that the works cover an area of two thousand square yards.

    The firm manufacture asphalte flooring, roofing felt, waterproof packing cloth, horse, cart, and stack covers, tarpaulings, &c. The firm make the following kinds of felts : indorous felt, roofing felt, sarking felt, ship-sheathing felt, refined coal-tar felt, dry-hair felt, also brattice cloth, also bituminous concrete for iron girder bridges. They do a widespread trade throughout the United Kingdom, and export pitch, tar, and oil, &c., to India, South America, and other parts.

    The commercial reputation of the firm is first-class, and the business is conducted on the most superior lines. The connection is one of a most reliable and substantial character.

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