The Glasgow Boiler Covering Company

The Glasgow Boiler Covering Company, 211, Dalmarnock Road.ó

    The losses sustained by steam users in all industries through steam-pipes and the shells of boilers being made of metals which conduct the heat to the, surrounding atmosphere, have been met to an important extent by that branch of industry which is thoroughly represented by the Glasgow Boiler Covering Company. The business, which was established under the present title in 1861, is conducted under the management of Mr. Jas. Robb, who is one of the principal partners.

    The premises consist of two large ground flats, wherein is manufactured their famous patent man-hole and sludge-hole door cements and non-conducting boiler-covering composition. This companyís principal trade is in supplying and applying these compositions, and for this purpose they employ an efficient staff of assistants constantly engaged in the public works in and around Glasgow, covering boilers, steam-pipes, and other vessels.

    In addition to having won a great renown for the quality of their products and workmanship, the firm are equally well known as repairers of chimney stacks. For this work they have a wide connection, and have straightened many very dangerous chimneys throughout the country, and fitted lightning conductors upon them.

    In addition to the premises in Glasgow, the company have fitted up and opened suitable premises in Leith for the convenience of their extensive trade in the east of Scotland. They have also large contracts going on in Londonderry at present, and over Ireland generally, and also ship largely their special goods to all parts of the world.

    Mr. Robb is an artist as well as a specialist in the manufacture of boiler-covering composition and cements, and in the interest of the company executes photographs of public works and machinery, of which they have many fine specimens displayed in their offices. In this capacity he is much taken out as a photographer, as well as a smoke doctor.

    To Mr. James Robbís practical knowledge, energy, and industry is due the fame which this house has won. But no doubt his genial manner and high character have helped him to extend the connection of the Glasgow Boiler Covering Company.

    Mr. Robb deserves some credit for his six years' labour in the cause of temperance. He, five years ago, established the Glasgow Working Menís Gospel Temperance Mission, and he has stood by it through thick and thin, though more than once it has been almost a wreck. He is now president of the organisation, and the only survivor of those who had anything to do with the foundation. He has the satisfaction of seeing it in a prosperous position and doing a vast amount of good among the masses in the Gallowgate and Barrack Streets.

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