The Glasgow Clothing Company

The Glasgow Clothing Company, 63, Argyle Street.—

    This, one of the largest of British clothing warehouses, and certainly the largest establishment of its kind in Scotland, was founded in 1870 at its present address, and from a modest beginning has built up a trade which has very few equals in magnitude in the United Kingdom, and, perhaps, none out of London. The premises of the Company at first comprised only the ground floor of their present fine structure, and a glance at the establishment to-day strikingly indicates the growth that has taken place in the business, raising its requirements from one floor originally to five of the most extensive warehouse flats in the city. The building was much enlarged and improved in 1878-79, and now has a very handsome and commanding appearance in its advantageous position at the comer of Argyle and Dunlop Streets. The edifice stands on the site of the famous old “ Buck’s Head Inn”, and is surmounted by the sculptured recumbent figure of a buck, in commemoration of this interesting circumstance.

    Within, the arrangements and appointments of the place are perfect. Commodiousness and convenience have been the guiding considerations in the laying out of the premises on every floor, and the various showrooms could not easily be surpassed in spacious proportions and excellent light. Indeed, vast is the only word that adequately indicates the great size of these showrooms, especially those on the ground, second, and third floors ; and every arrangement is complete throughout the place for the reception and prompt service of patrons. As for the stock, it represents an immensity of resource that would hardly be credited by anyone, unacquainted with the actual facts, to one outfitting establishment.

    The Ready-made Department for gentlemen quite refutes the popular idea once held that ready-made clothing must of necessity be indifferent in the several qualities of style, fit, and finish. Such an idea could not exist in the face of the stock shown by the Glasgow Clothing Company, wherein every item is of the first order of material quality and quite equal in the details of making-up to any first-class bespoke garments. The clothing in this department is all produced from selected goods, made up under the most careful supervision, by thoroughly skilled workpeople; and the reputation the Glasgow Clothing Company have acquired justifies us in citing their ready-made stock as an admirable example of the great progress made during recent years in this branch of the clothing trade.

    For those who prefer to give their orders for bespoke garments the Company have a separate department, in which they have developed a most extensive and high-class business. A very fine stock is held in stylish and fashionable piece goods of the best quality, and gentlemen have here all the advantages of the most skilful cutting, careful  workmanship, fine finish, correct style, and perfect fit, combined with prices based upon a scale of very commendable moderation. So well have the Company consulted their patrons’ interests in this department that a connection of the most valuable character has been established, and the Bespoke Department is now one of the busiest, as it is one of the best organized, of Glasgow’s first-class order tailoring institutions.

    The Juvenile Department in the Glasgow Clothing Company’s warehouse is a revelation, even to those most intimately familiar with the many huge establishments now devoted to this class of trade. The Company hold a stock of boys’ clothing that is unsurpassed in Great Britain in real worth and exhaustive variety, while in actual volume it is equal to half a dozen stocks that would, under any ordinary circumstances, be characterised as exceptionally large. There can be no exaggeration in saying that it is the largest assortment of juvenile clothing in Scotland ; and it presents a splendid illustration of this Company’s permanent policy — the affording of the best possible value for the lowest possible outlay. We live in an economical age, and the tendencies of the times in this respect will be a sufficient excuse for our mentioning here the fact that in juvenile clothing the concern under notice guarantees a saving of twenty per cent., and ensures perfect satisfaction in every garment it supplies.

    The attendance in the Company’s great show and salerooms is of the most efficient character ; and the working staff employed numbers upwards of three hundred hands. The whole of this immense establishment is under the direct supervision of the managing partner of the firm, to whom should be addressed any grievance or inattention customers may meet with, when they shall at once receive attention and be remedied in a satisfactory manner.

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