The Glasgow Plate Glass Insurance Company

The Glasgow Plate Glass Insurance Company, Head Office, 43, Renfield Street.—

    This company was established in the year 1870 by a large and influential proprietary, whose liability is practically unlimited, thus affording to the Scottish public complete security for the insurance of all kinds of plate, sheet, and ornamental glass at a moderate rate of premium. This is the first purely Scottish plate glass insurance company.

    The Glasgow Plate Glass Insurance Company is one of the best because one of the safest in the United Kingdom, and there are two special advantages which it is fully justified in pointing out and emphasising, as regards Scotland : the first is efficient local management, and the second is the prompt and satisfactory settlement of claims and speedy replacement of breakages. The Board of Directors is composed of gentlemen of high character and social status, and the Secretary and Manager, (Mr. Thomas Dick) is an able man of business, an energetic worker, and a gentleman in every way qualified and fitted for the performance of the duties appertaining to his office.

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