Charles Glass & Co.

Charles Glass & Co., Printers, Stereotypers, and Publishers, 33, East Howard Street.—

    This business was founded in 1863 in Maxwell Street by Mr. Charles Glass. Mr. Glass died in 1879, and the business since then has been carried on by his trustees. Their place of business in Maxwell Street having been burnt down, they entered their present premises in 1882. The establishment consists of a very handsome warehouse, offices, and workroom, with six printing machines of the most modern construction, they being driven by a suitable gas-engine. The number of hands employed varies from twenty-five to fifty.

    The firm’s work is of a general character, but they have an important speciality in the publication of the Children’s Messenger, evangelistic tracts, requisites of Glasgow Foundry Boys’ Religious Society, Sabbath school reward books, and other important works connected with moral teaching. The trustees are not only retaining the confidence of their customers, but are extending their influence through their work and through the goodwill of the friends they have already won, which speaks well for their integrity as business men.

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