John Goodwin

John Goodwin, House Factor, &c., 235, George Street.ó

    This is one of the oldest businesses in Glasgow, and is now carried on under the able proprietorship of Mr. John Goodwin, who is widely known throughout the district. The business was originally founded by Mr. Robert Goodwin, and throughout the whole of its career has achieved marked success.

    The premises occupied are situated in close proximity to the New Municipal Buildings, and comprise a spacious flat that contains altogether about six rooms. These are well fitted, commodiously arranged, and well adapted to the purposes of offices, &c. An efficient staff is engaged, and a large amount of business is transacted under the careful supervision of the proprietor. Mr. Goodwin carries on an extensive business both as house factor and insurance agent among a very large and influential connection.

    Much of the success is due to the energetic and able management of the proprietor, who, it may be remarked, is a member of the Committee of Glenís Trust Technical School. The connection extends to all parts, and the business is one of the leading houses of Glasgow.

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