Robert Gorman

Robert Gorman, Engraver, 18, Argyle Street.

    The business carried on by Mr. Robert Gorman, although of comparatively recent origin, may be said to rank among the most important of its kind in Glasgow. It was established in 1884 by Mr. Gorman. This business really forms a succession to one that was founded in 1860 at Bridgeton by Mr. James Brown, who afterwards carried it on under the title of James Brown & Son. Mr. Gorman acquired the business and removed it to Argyle Street.

    The proprietor does a large trade in all the usual branches of engraving, such as brass and white metal name plates, for windows, doors, &c. A large business is likewise done in making zinc, copper, and brass stencils ; also steel and brass stamps. All descriptions of brass and iron brands, machine and hand, are made, these being used largely for marking boxes, casks, &c. In fact, every branch of engraving and similar work comes within the scope of this firm. An efficient staff is engaged, selected from the most skilled and experienced artisans, and the work is executed under the most careful supervision.

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