James T. Goudie & Co.

James T. Goudie & Co., Waterproofers and India-rubber Manufacturers, 149 and 151, Argyle Street.—

    The production of waterproof and india-rubber goods has been so well and vigorously developed in this country as to have long since taken up a position among the foremost of typical British industries ; and in connection with this highly important branch of manufacturing activity it is a pleasure here to make mention of a house of such eminent standing and reputation as that of Messrs. James T. Goudie & Co., of Glasgow, Edinburgh, and London.

    This well-known firm of waterproofers and india-rubber manufacturers was founded in 1868 under the style of Blacklock, Goudie & Co., in Jamaica Street. That title obtained until 1880, when it was altered to the present form of James T. Goudie & Co., the sole principal of the house now being Mr. James T. Goudie. The firm remained in Jamaica Street for twelve years, and eight years ago removed to their present eligible premises in Argyle Street, which constitute the wholesale, shipping, and one of the retail departments of the business.

    The works of the house are known as the Kent Works, and are situate in Garscube Road, Maryhill. They are very extensive, and possessed of splendid productive facilities, and the enlargement they have but recently undergone gives evidence of the constantly increasing character of Messrs. Goudie’s trade. The equipment of these works is a study in itself, and exemplifies every modern improvement and advancement that has been effected in the adaptation of machinery to the making of india-rubber and waterproof goods. The operative staff employed is large, and the works have capacity for an enormous output of manufactured goods.

    The city establishment at 149 & 151, Argyle Street and 3, St. Enoch Square constitutes the commercial headquarters of the house, and is, as already stated, devoted to the wholesale, retail, and export trade. The building is a large and substantial one, admirably situated, and thoroughly well adapted to all the requirements of the business. The retail department occupies the ground floor, a particularly commodious double shop. The wholesale department comprises a large flat above, where are also located the counting-house and the cashier’s office. This is quite the beau ideal of a first-class wholesale rubber warehouse, and its excellent order and the particularly good arrangement of its comprehensive stocks speak for the efficient system of management prevailing. The shipping department occupies perhaps the best two flats in the building - spacious, airy, exceedingly well lighted, and possessed of admirable accommodation for packing, a class of work continuously in progress here. From top to bottom of the building communication is afforded by a hoist, and by an independent stone staircase.

    A brief enumeration of the leading manufactures of the firm will be in order at this point in our necessarily concise review. The list includes machine belting in india-rubber and gutta-percha, hose for all purposes, tubing for gas and chemical uses, buffers for railway carriages, &c., valves for engineering purposes, sheet rubber, washers, piston-packing, and canvas sheet, solid rubber cord, wheel tyres, and cylinders for wringing-machines, coats, leggings, hats, piece goods, and all waterproof textiles generally ; bed and hospital sheeting, water-beds, pillows, &c., foot-warmers and air-proof goods, carriage-aprons, fishing-stockings and trousers, horse loin covers, travelling bags, tourists’ cases, portmanteaus, gas bags, play balls, rubber overshoes, gun covers, india-rubber solution, stationers’ rubber, gutta-percha in sheet, bathing tents, stack covers, and a host of sundries of every description.

    Specialities abound among the items included in the above, and are particularly numerous in waterproof garments. In patent life-saving garments and patent life-saving cushions and beds, Messrs. Goudie have achieved very conspicuous celebrity, their manufactures in this connection embodying a most notable principle of applying articles of general articles of general and constant utility to a special purpose of the highest importance to travellers, but especially to those undertaking either long or short voyages by river or sea, where the possession of some useful and reliable life-saving apparatus is absolutely essential to personal security in these days when the crowded state of all water highways increase the probabilities of danger thereon. Full particulars of these specialities — which have been most favourably reviewed by the press — are contained in the firm’s price lists and other printed matter ; and though it is not practicable to reproduce those particulars here, it is proper that attention should be strongly directed to them.

    Messrs. James T. Goudie & Co.’s manufactures have achieved a reputation that is international. The werey winners of medallic honours at the Paris Exhibitions of 1875 and 1878 ; and this firm were the only manufacturers who received an award at the Edinburgh Exhibition, 1886, “for variety and excellence of make and quality of waterproof garments”, that award taking its highest form, a silver medal.

    The business affairs of the house are most capably and energetically conducted in person by Mr. James T, Goudie, to whose vigorous and enterprising policy of administration much of the stability and marked commercial success of the concern is directly due. The trade controlled is one of immense volume. Especial attention is given to railway contracts, which are very largely undertaken ; and in addition to a most extensive home trade, export relations of value and growing importance are maintained with all the principal foreign and colonial markets. The Edinburgh and London branches are under experienced and efficient direction, and are situate at 25, Princes Street and 8, Milk Street, Cheapside, E.C, respectively.

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