Gourlie & Barnet

Gourlie & Barnet, Manufacturers, &c., 230, Argyle Street.—

    The manufacture of the numerous varieties of goods used by upholsterers form a very important branch of industry, in which several of the most thriving firms in the kingdom are engaged. Among these a very important position is occupied by the well-known house of Messrs. Gourlie & Barnet. It was originally founded in 1864.

    Messrs. Gourlie & Barnet occupy three flats of a large building, located as above, and employ from sixty to seventy hands. The firm are extensively engaged not only as wholesale manufacturers of upholstery trimmings, but also as smallware and ironmongery merchants and as upholsterers’ and cabinetmakers’ warehousemen. Special mention may be made of art cretonnes, a branch in which the firm have justly earned a wide renown.

    The stock includes various descriptions of French and English tapestries, velvets, plushes, velveteens, repps, damasks, &c., of a very superior quality both in manufacture and design. Blinds, curtains, table covers, hair cloths, American cloths, linen, &c., are also kept in great variety. Among the smaller articles may be mentioned such as blind-cords, tassels, buttons, studs, and a host of other similar articles. In every department it is noticeable that the firm devote their attention strictly to supplying goods of a really first-class quality, and in those branches in which they are manufacturers the work is executed under very careful supervision. Art trimmings, art blinds, &c., are made specialities of, and for these goods the house is deservedly celebrated. In the ironmongery department they supply all descriptions of brass mediaeval mountings, locks, hinges, bedsteads, stair-rods, springs, cornice-poles, castors, gimp pins, and all other sundries. Cabinet makers are furnished with every requirement, and a very extensive business is done in this direction among many of the principal manufacturing houses.

    In every department Messrs. Gourlie & Barnet command a business whose connections extend throughout Glasgow and all parts of Scotland, and part of England and Ireland, and are popular and in every respect successful.

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