George Grant & Sons

George Grant & Sons, Manufacturers, Mile-End.

    One of the largest and certainly one of the most thoroughly representative industrial establishments of this district is the extensive factory of Messrs. George Grant & Sons, manufacturers, Mile-End. The business was established in the year 1820, originally in Graham Square, by the late Mr. George Grant, the grandfather of the present proprietors, and one of the early founders of the present industrial prosperity of this city. In 1840 it was removed to the present extensive premises, which, to meet the requirements of the business, have from time to time been extended.

    These mills are replete with all the best and most improved machinery that skill, experience, and mechanical science have devised. Some idea of their industrial capacity and the magnitude of the manufacturing operations here carried on may be gathered from the fact that there are in full work over sixty-eight thousand spindles, and seventeen hundred and fifty looms, and upwards of twelve hundred workpeople, male and female, constantly employed in the spinning and weaving of cotton. The whole establishment presents a busy and animated scene of industrial activity, a marked and impressive feature being the thorough organisation and the happy and cheerful tone of the employees, arising from the thoughtful care and attention bestowed upon their health and comfort by the members of this firm, their managers, and overseers.

    Messrs. Grant & Sons have a first-class connection, which is well founded upon the eminent reputation they have so long enjoyed. The magnitude of their industrial operations and the extent of the mercantile transactions of this firm exercise an important influence upon the commercial prosperity of this branch of manufacture. Both the partners, Mr. George A. Grant and Mr. Charles E. Grant, take an active part in the business, and are well known and highly esteemed for their active exertions in promoting the trade and commerce of Glasgow. Mr. Charles E. Grant is a captain in the Ayrshire Yeomanry Cavalry, one of the few yeomanry cavalry regiments, and takes a deep interest and very active part in all matters pertaining to this branch of the Auxiliary service.

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