Grant, Somerville & Co.

Grant, Somerville & Co., Manufacturers of Shirtings, Shirts, Slops, &c. Factory address : Ingram Street.

    A leading name in connection with the underclothing manufactures of Glasgow, is that of the well known house of Messrs. Grant. Somerville & Co. This thoroughly representative concern was founded about fifteen years ago in Vincent Street, and, after remaining here for a term of five years, removed to its present headquarters, 13, John Street, where its affairs are administered, under the original title, by Mr. A. B. Grant, now the sole principal of the house.

    The firm of Messrs. Grant, Somerville & Co. hold a very prominent position among their Glasgovian contemporaries as manufacturers of all classes of shirtings, shirts, collars, slops, underclothing, &c. ; and for their productions in these lines of goods they maintain a very eminent and worthily earned reputation on all points of material quality, workmanship, and finish. Their factory in Glasgow is situate in Ingram Street, and is an establishment of large proportions, equipped with every improved productive facility, and affording regular employment to a force of about 250 hands.

    There is being erected for them in Frederick Street, opposite G.P.O., a large block of buildings to comprise offices and warehouse and factory. This building is to be six stories in height and will be in the best modern style, with all improvements, and steam power in factory. In Londonderry another extensive factory is controlled, with a staff of two hundred operatives; and at both of these centres the industry of the house is carried on with a degree of vigour commensurate with its importance and influence. The output of the factories is very great, and is admirably represented in the large and varied range of goods stocked in the Glasgow warehouse, whereat is employed a clerical and general staff of thirty hands. The firm have also six travellers constantly on the road, continuously widening the scope of a home trade that has long been of the first magnitude ; and the interests of the house in the British metropolis are looked after through the medium of an important London branch.

    Messrs. Grant, Somerville & Co. have commercial connections all over the world, and maintain especially valuable relations with Australia, the Cape, and with East India for piece goods. The home trade is entirely confined to a wholesale connection, which extends throughout the United Kingdom. The business is most capably and energetically conducted by Mr. Grant, who is not only prominent in Glasgow as an esteemed and successful manufacturer and merchant, but has also made himself exceedingly popular by reason of his deep interest in the Volunteer movement. With this branch of the national defences he has closely associated himself for the past twenty-five years, and is at the present time major of the 1st Lanarkshire Artillery Volunteers.

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