Charles & David Gray

Messrs. Charles & David Gray, Loch Katrine Distillery, Adelphi, Glasgow.

    One of the most prominent and noteworthy factors in the distilling industry of Glasgow and its district is the Loch Katrine Distillery, controlled by the firm of Messrs. Charles & David Gray, a concern now represented by Messrs. A. Walker & Co., who are proprietors of this distillery, conducting it under its original title. The business and industry of Messrs. Charles & David Gray was founded as far back as 1826, and is located at the Adelphi address in premises of admirable accommodation and convenience, covering an area of two acres of ground.

    The property is situated close to the banks of the Clyde, and was, in days long since passed away, a fine fruit orchard. The distillery buildings occupy nearly the whole of the ground, and take up almost the entire street on both sides, presenting an appearance of briskness and activity suggesting the satisfactory progress of a great industry. The grain lofts are particularly extensive, and, together with the warehouses at Port Dundas, are capable of storing 15,000 quarters of grain.

    The general arrangement and equipment of the distillery are in every respect effective and adequate to the rapid production of large quantities of superior whisky. The best mechanical appliances and apparatus are in use in each department, and the entire outfit of plant stands at a high level of completeness and efficiency. The engine-house, as an evidence of this, contains an 80 horse-power beam engine, a 10 horse-power horizontal engine, a 20 horse-power table engine, two donkey engines for the boilers, and a blast engine. Steam is generated in six large boilers. There are three pumps, capable of throwing 50,000 gallons of liquor per hour. The still-houses are two in number, and are perfectly equipped for the distillation of both grain and malt whisky, each of which classes of spirit is largely produced here. There are two large bonded warehouses four storeys in height ; and in connection with the distillery are stables, cart sheds, cooperage, cask yards, and other incidental departments, both industrial and accessory in character.

    The water used is entirely and exclusively of Loch Katrine origin, and the distillery is famed for its celebrated special brand of Loch Katrine malt whisky. The annual output is large and always of excellent quality; and the distillery, under the able proprietary control of Messrs. A. Walker & Co., well maintains the high reputation it has long enjoyed as a representative centre for the production of the best classes of the national whisky of Scotland.

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